Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is a list of potential sources that I hope to obtain some information from for my final assignment.

* Joel Whitaker
-Owner of the Unicorn Wine Guild, the only winery (or establishment that sells any kind of alcohol at all) within Belpre Ohio. They manufacture all of their own wine from scratch.

(740) 423-1300

* Barbara Whitaker
-Co-Owner and founder of the Unicorn Wine Guild. Barbara is Joel's wife and the two have decided to follow their dreams and open their own winery.

(740) 423-1300

* Joel and Barbara's Nephew
- He was the one who gave the couple their first wine kit one Christmas. Little did he know the kit would one day blossom into a business of it's own.

* Susan Abdella
- Susan is a Councilwoman in the city of Belpre. She is in charge of zoning, which just happened to be one of Joel and Barbara's most difficult tasks when trying to form the business. Belpre is a dry area, so the areas where alcohol can be sold are extremely limited.


*Teresa Turner
- Teresa is the Chamber of Commerce president within Belpre and it was ultimately her decision that the Whitaker's establishment was even allowed to open in the first place.

(740) 423-7592

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