Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The initial outline I made for this story had to be scrapped. This is mainly because several of my sources flaked out, but other sources provided me with information that I hadn't thought about using before.

I wanted to have the story build upon Barbara and Joel's decision to finally open up their own winery with the first batch being the climax. The story turned out very differently, but I like the way it's changed. I know this was by no means supposed to be an inverted pyramid type piece and although the story opens with the conflict I think the sense of humility does not come out until much later in the story.

The first outline was not at all a waste either. I initially wrote the story based on that outline and it was from there that I began to dissect my paper and swap the pieces all around.

The ending is not what I hoped it would be (as it ends pretty abruptly) and if I had more time I would have liked to give the story a more optimistic feel in the closing paragraphs.

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