Monday, February 8, 2010

Like a Locomotive...

My writing style has just recently gone through some major changes. I've always been an avid "write a line, read it, make a few changes and then move onto the next line" kind of writer. Just last quarter I've begun trying something new; and that's the technique I used for this particular piece.

As I gathered all of my information and organized it around my desk, I sat down, found a few quotes that I enjoyed and took off from there. This new found writing style involves finding a few things to start with and then just start writing, with no stops for editing purposes. Much like a train, I started writing and had no intentions of stopping until I was satisfied. I just started spewing out everything I could, then moving onto the next line without taking time to really read what I had just written. This has proven to be very effective for me. I start writing everything I can and there's no sign of stopping until this train runs out of coal or just derails entirely.

After I've regurgitated everything that I can onto my blank document it's only then that I begin to go back and edit what I have written. I find this technique very therapeutic as I write almost subconsciously. This technique is new to me, but i enjoy it.

I was a little pressed for time with this last piece and I now realize that I need to spend much more time editing. It travels through glimpses of passive and active voice and I will note to spend more time editing on my next piece.

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