Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Toast to the Beginning...

Whether of age or not, residents here in Athens have proceeded to manufacture their own wine. Even freshman are beginning to produce their own wine within their Ohio University dorm rooms.

The purpose of this blog is to take a deeper look into the wine that is bootlegged and distributed right here in Athens, Ohio. So while "bootlegging" may not be the best term to use for the entire blog's subject matter, seeing as some people make their own wine out of hobby and have no means of distributing it, some people have found it to be a possible business proposition.

While some may see this process as just some dangerous plot for underage citizens to obtain alcohol, others see winemaking as an art. It doesn't take a whole lot of effort (or money) to produce, but making quality wine is a difficult task to master.

Over the next few weeks, this blog will serve as inside look into the wine-making process. Questions such as "How does one begin the process?", "Are there any potential risks when making the wine, and if so, what?", "How long does the process take?", "How much money are people making from selling their homemade wine?", etc, will all be answered.

I hope to be able to interview a wide range of people and I'll provide the best insight I can concerning this particular topic.

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  1. Maybe we should do a "tasting" some time to figure out who has gotten the jist of wine-making "right here" in Athens? (just "Athens" will suffice. ;) Look forward to reading.